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Truck Accidents

A collision with a large truck is an experience that all people hope they never have to deal with. Large trucks such as semi tractor-trailers are not only intimidating because of their size; they have the ability to completely demolish smaller cars, trucks and motorcycles upon impact. Many drivers are uncomfortable around large trucks, and make sure they avoid close proximity, especially at high speeds. However, large truck crashes are not uncommon, and thousands are killed or seriously injured annually after something goes wrong with the operation of big rigs.

So who is to blame when large trucks kill and injure drivers and passengers of smaller vehicles? In some crash cases, car operators may be responsible for failing to recognize the rights of truck drivers and contributing to the collision. However, in the majority of truck crash cases, the truck driver or trucking company is found liable. Truck driver error is often a factor in truck accidents , and drivers have been found guilty of failing to follow traffic rules, failing to acknowledge the rights of smaller vehicle drivers, operating recklessly, speeding, ignoring safety codes, driving too many hours in a given time period, operating while fatigued, and falling asleep at the wheel. A trucking company may be held liable if the vehicle itself was not up to regulations, if it contained defective parts, if its braking, signaling, lighting, or other systems were not working properly, or if it had unsafe tires.

Whatever factors contributed to the accident that injured or killed your loved one, the truck accident attorneys from the Perlberger Law Associates, P.C. will do whatever is necessary to get to the bottom of the situation. Our hired researchers and investigators know what to look for, and know how to trace even the smallest details to find answers for your family. If you're dealing with the aftermath of a large truck accident, let our skilled law firm help you fight to get the money you deserve.

If a loved one was injured or killed after a big truck accident, you need the legal guidance of the truck accident lawyers from the Philadelphia Law firm Perlberger Law Associates, P.C. Contact us today for honest legal answers to your personal injury questions.
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